Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jim wisdom #7: Laziness it also is a disease

Today I was given the inspiration to return with an all new Jim wisdom after a dry spell. I had an interaction with an individual today that made me wonder what is up with the laziness of some of my coworkers. This individual thought it okay to assist a customer all the way up to the point of finding out, that the customer decided that they wanted to purchase the chair. And it needed to be carried to the front of the store and then to their car. At this point he pawned the customer off on me in what I believe was an act of laziness of not wanting to lift the 25lb chair that was in a box, hell we have hand trucks if it was too heavy for him. It later came to my attention that this individual just prior to pawning the customer off on me was possibly refused the sale of a commissionable warranty on the chair. So, I could not resist but ask  this individual if his arms and legs were broken in which I got the response of  yes they are and that the only reason I was employed at my work was to carry stuff so he wouldn't have to. And the fact that I had to carry the chair out isn't the issue I didn't mind assisting the customer getting the chair to the front and then to their vehicle. That didn't bother me one bit because ultimately my job is to assist the customers in the store to the best of my ability. But, what pissed me off is that this motherfucking half whitted schmuck does this type of thing all the time and puts forth the attitude that any type of actual labor work is beneath him. And that since the customer possibly wasn't buying the warranty that he makes extra money on, that they didn't deserve his time or a full service experience. It is so bad that this guys duties have to be pawned off on other employees just so we can stay half way on track to getting things accomplished.
   So to all you folks out there are like this chicken livered little girly man get off your ass pull your weight. And if you are worried about getting dirty don't its only dirt and will wash out I promise. Hell you start pulling your weight a little more you might find that people aren't so cold torwards you. Also it is ill advised to look down at your coworkers and the other types of work that are done around you. Sometimes we have to leave our normal duties to assist customers it is part of the gig if you don't like it you might want to hit the highway.

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