Monday, October 25, 2010

Jim's wisdom #4; Self Expectations

  At work today, a coworker and I were discussing what we had accomplished in our shift. We had been loaned out to work in another store assisting them in their inventory prep work. Anyway we were discussing how I felt like we hadn't gotten much done considering what was left ahead of us. The conversation took a turn torwards what level of self expectations each of us had for what we thought we should be accomplishing in the day. And as the conversation went on I began to think about the different levels of self expectations people might have for themselves. I came up with a few types on the ride home from work.
     First, is the person who sets high expectations for themselves and usually can obtain them. But, there are occasions when this person does not obtain these expectations. When this happens sometimes the fault is there own and sometimes the fault lies with things that are out of their control. Not always is there a positive reaction when this occurs due to the personal investment the person puts in. These people I would like to think are usually considered to be good people to have around. Since they know how to get shit done.
     Second, is the people who have some self expectation but, their level is usually what they think is expected from others, no drive to exceed what society deems exceptable. These people I would like to think these types people react more positive than they first since the level of personal attatchemnt isn't as high.
But, still good people to have around they are consistant.
    Third, and probably my favorite is the fuck nut. These people have no self expectation level. These people are the ones that no call no show to work. The ones that that sit around abusing the system and programs out there that are to give a helping hand, not a lifelong career. These people are just another part of the ever growing examples of how Darwin was wrong. These people aren't evolving they are multiplying like goddamn rabbits. I look around and  see more and more of them everyday. It is like a bad zombie movie that you can't turn off. These people are extrememly lazy they get the bare minimum accomplished in everything they try. No self investment in anything. We must combat this problem of lazy, stupid, unmotivated and non expectation having "people" by making it each and every person's mission to go out of their way to make the day difficult for these people. Make a game out of it with your coworkers and friends.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jim's wisdom #3: Proper Attire for Public Outtings

I am all for being comfortable dressed with a flair of your own individualism. Show some class, show some self respect. If a garmet is an ethinic piece of attire leave it for that ethnicity to wear. Don't you wear it cause you think it makes you look cool or gangsta. Cause in reality it makes you look like a nerdy assclown. Also when going out in public look in the mirror before going you would be surprised by the world of good it would do for you.
  Next, lets discuss spandex. It is for the skinny and physically fit, not for fat asses who the only exercise they get is from lifting the king sized candy bar versus the regular sized. I am not wanting it to sound like I am bashing on plus sized people cause I am not. I am just pointing out that spandex doesn't belong on the 400lb lard ass standing in front of me a taco bell. As a fat guy I would never think of wearing spandex and trust me many people are thankful for that. So, the next time you are in public and you think people are staring at you they probably are if you are wearing spandex or dressed like something straight out of a Master P video and you are caucasian and or fat.

Jim wisdom #2:Genius and Douchebaggery

Saw social network last night not a bad movie.  After seeing it if half of what was depicted in the movie is true than Mark Zuckerberg is brilliant genius and a major polesmoking douchebag all in one. But, what makes me laugh is, not until the end when facebook was exploding did anyone think of getting contracts with this little shit. Think about it these were supposed to be the very people who would run fortune 500 companies and not a single one of them thought to get Zuckerberg to sign a contract with them. Which the last time I checked was business partnership 101 always get the contract protect your own ass. And Why didn't anyone show any intellegence and read the ones they were signing or have a lawyer explain them. It isn't like they couldn't afford a lawyer.
       It did raise some important thoughts with me like if you are genius level smart and getting a 1600 on your SAT I think qualifies Zuckerberg to be called a genius. Does that give such a person the right to have no social graces or manners? Does that give this person automatic right to be a complete asshole cause they can blame the lack of social graces and manners on the fact their brain works differently than an average person. Hell fucking no, regardless of how smart someone is doesn't excuse douchbaggery. For example Einstien is considered to be one of the greatest minds of the 20 century and the dude was a complete laidback average guy. Why is it smart people can use their intellegence as an excuse for their actions and behavior. When in truth they are a douchebag and are angry because they are so smart no one wants anything to do with them. So if you are blessed and cursed with the gift of being a genius remember that there are other people in this world and there will be those that will mistreat you but, there will be just as many if not more that will stand in aww of who and what you are.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Jim's Wisdom #1 Stupidity it is a disease you know

If you are going to be stupid don't be surprised when someone calls you a dumbass. I mean seriously when did it become ok to be stupid. I know that there are different levels and types of smarts but, I am
talking about  people who are just down right sheep humper stupid. And it seems that these people keep on advancing in society, we all see them in our respective lives everyday and wonder how does a dumbass like that survive day in and day out. It is like there should be someone there reminding them to breathe.
I guess what makes it worst is that most of these morons think they are some sort of genius when really the smartest part of them became a brown stain on the backseat. There is no cure for the disease of stupidity that inflicts pain and agony on so many lives. So do your part when you come across a dumbass who is suffering from stupidty make sure to show them your support with a good and hearty, Way to go dumbass you remind all of us why cousin and livestock humping is so wrong" After all everyone likes to hear a complament.