Friday, October 22, 2010

Jim's Wisdom #1 Stupidity it is a disease you know

If you are going to be stupid don't be surprised when someone calls you a dumbass. I mean seriously when did it become ok to be stupid. I know that there are different levels and types of smarts but, I am
talking about  people who are just down right sheep humper stupid. And it seems that these people keep on advancing in society, we all see them in our respective lives everyday and wonder how does a dumbass like that survive day in and day out. It is like there should be someone there reminding them to breathe.
I guess what makes it worst is that most of these morons think they are some sort of genius when really the smartest part of them became a brown stain on the backseat. There is no cure for the disease of stupidity that inflicts pain and agony on so many lives. So do your part when you come across a dumbass who is suffering from stupidty make sure to show them your support with a good and hearty, Way to go dumbass you remind all of us why cousin and livestock humping is so wrong" After all everyone likes to hear a complament.

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