Friday, October 21, 2011

Jim Wisdom #15 Co Workers

     I am exhausted and tired of the stupidity of people whom I must interact with on a daily basis as if they are the only ones with problems the only one who's got it rough, as if they are the only one who knows how customers should be treated, let me tell you something you scrawny little punk .... first buy a comb and come your damn hair you look like you slept in your car. Second, lay off the hooch your eyes are blood shot and so freaking puffy that the look like Tyson went five rounds on your face without leaving a bruise. Third, don't get loud with someone who is trying to help you be more efficient at your job regardless of how meaningless and lame it may seem. Forth, Before you spout off to someone you might want to make sure that you know who the person is you are going to yip at like some kind of little foo foo fur ball runt. So remember the next time someone who has been doing the job you are doing for much longer, is much more knowledgeable of how things are done and what is expected, you listen. Because the next time they might just let you drown.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Jim Wisdom #14: What the Fuck

Took a test at work as part of my application process for a promotion available at my work. And scored worst this time than I did 8 months ago when I took it the first time and my boss was happy about it. He told me he would rather having a person that scored around where I did the second time than someone who scored what I did the first time. For the reasons not only is the person being honest they are also answering the questions with some logic not just trying to beat the test. Now on to stage 3 interview with another store's manager. The whole thing drives me nuts what happened to getting promotions and raises based on your performance and skill. Not by what some computer tells or how successful you are in an interview. A person's employment record with the company should be all it takes to determine if a person should or should not receive promotion.     
    I just don't get obviously you are a half way decent employee to still be employed there and to at least have your name in the running. But, I guess with today's economic situation company's feel that it is needed to insure they are investing company resources into a person worthy of the investment. I don't know it seems to be a logical and rational understanding of Corporate America's mind set these days but, then again I don't belong to Corporate America in the same way the guy in an office in Florida does. So,  it makes no sense to me why there has to be so much mother fucking red tape and politics to work.  Why can't it be we all show up we all do our jobs and nobody rips the company off, worked for my parents and their parents and so on back. Why now do I have to alter my opinions of policies and programs put into effect that are not based on any form of functional use. All in the spirit of playing the political game. Things do not get made better and given the ability to run smooth and by smooth I mean with economic growth and minor if no loss without some logical functionality.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jim wisdom #13 Don't be a pussy

If you don't like the way someone talks to you the last thing you should do is go crying like a little girl who had her lollipop taken away. Stand your ground and say hey fuck face show me some decency after all I am a person too. See if you want to earn a person's respect running and crying like a little girl to your boss because your feelings were hurt does nothing for you but, show how much of a little spoiled bitch you might be. People work too damn hard to worry about if the way they look at you makes you want to cry. The last time I checked we were all grown ups in a grown up world where guess what things aren't always flowers and rainbows. Sometimes people talk to you harshly and sometimes they look at you in a way you don't care for. That is life the sooner you learn that simple fact the better off you will be. So many people think that we should all talk to each other like those tree hugging hippies. Sorry this ain't a hippie commune it is work, people aren't nice things are tough. So the next time someone looks at you funny don't go crying to your supervisor go over in the corner take of your training diaper and put on your big boy pants and man up cause whinning little pansies never get respect they only get ridiculed cause they show that all they know how to handle a situation is to cry about it.  Anyone ever tells you that smothering a person with kindness will win you their respect has just lied to you cause all that does is make people think you are a giant ass kisser. Standing up for yourself and acting like a grown up is how you earn a grown ups respect.
     That is the problem with so many of the people in America today they would rather cry and mope around then stand up a deal with shit. That is why we have problems like we have in this country is cause everyone wants to blame everyone else and just cry about the problems instead of doing something about it. So America don't be a bunch of pussies man up put on your big boy pants lace up your boots and deal with the shit. If you can't do that then take your ass and crawl into a hole and stay there cause if you don't the world will chew you up and spit you out. Said it before and will say it again life is tough buy a helmet and get the fuck over it.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Jim Wisdom #12 Nosey Neighbor

So I was watching the news the other day with my girlfriend's father and there was this analyst on tv talking about our current military actions in Lybia with the UN. And he was spouting of all the military lingo for "We are bombing the shit out of that mother fucker". It amazed me that it took this guy 10 minutes of babbling to basicly say we were bombing the shit out of  a punk ass dictator. I have to tell you I do get a little patriotic feeling when I hear that our brave troops are getting the opportunity to blow shit up in the name of revolution. Then of course the thought enters my head once we are done helping over throw the current regime, then our government will really do the damage by most likely instilling a government that will eventually despise and hate us for destroying their culture and way of life. Have you ever noticed that we go into a country with the intent on liberating them from whatever leader they may have and end up spending a decade trying to turn it into a twisted version of the United States. Why? Is it because we can't resist the idea of trying to take over it all we took over an entire continent and that wasn't enough so we do the samething as many of our citizens ancestorial homelands did. We try to build an empire under the mask of democracy and spreading it's wonderful greatness that is as dangerous as a double edged sword. We are the nosey neighbor that comes over to help you do something just so we can borrow your stuff and never give it back.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Jim wisdom #11 Sue taco Bell and go to Taco Hell

    I just read an article online that told me excactly how easy and quickly some people in this country are to sue someone or a company with no real justifiable case. The case I speak of is the law firm that has taken it upon themselves to sue a staple from my late teens and majority of my 20s the one and only Taco Bell. Claiming that Taco Bells doesn't serve real ground beef now I am sure we all are aware that Taco Bell does serve real beef it is just an ass hair above the you can't serve this line but, none the less it is still real for the most part. the article never really says who is behind the lawsuit but, it does state the lawsuit wants Taco Bell to stop calling it beef and to pay the legal fees of the law firm handling the paperwork. And what were these junior college law grads thinking why would you take a case like this that even Perry Mason or Ben Matlock couldn't win.
    What I love about this is Taco Bell's response they remained fairly quiet for a period about the whole topic. And then today when the suit was actually filed they took out a full page ad thanking the law firm for filing the law suit, launched internet videos stating their facts featuring their president. I love it Taco Bell admits that their product is only 88% beef and 12% oats, spices, water and of course preservatives. Which i am to understand does meet the government's standards. All of this info it seems Taco Bell is going to use in an effort to not only win this case but, show how ridiculous the whole thing is. Taco bell is awesome because they are openly telling the plantiff in this case to go fuck themselves and choke on a chalupa withou even breaking a sweat.
     The plantiff is the one who really has their work cut out for them they have to prove that a large enough portion of Taco Bell's customers didn't know what they were eating. Seriously if you eat at Taco Bell and don't know that you are eating low grade barely passing grade beef you my firend are a retarded turkey burger eater. Anyone who has ever eaten there knows that it isn't Brazillian steak it is just the scraps ground up. But, it is inexpensive not any less healthier for you than McDonald's for example its fast food you get cheap low grade food fast end of story don't like it don't go their to eat. Don't be a whinny little girlie bitch who sues thinking that your speculations out weigh the facts. Guess what they don't so go back to your tofu eating,tree hugging, hippie commune and try to figure out another way to make you and special ed famous.

Monday, January 24, 2011

jim Wisdom #10: WAKE the FUCK up AMERICA!!!!!!!!

    Who the hell said being an American meant you could be lazy, stupid, and ignorant to everything. We are on the brink of a very important time in our history a turning point if you will. On oneside we could fall into our own self absorbed greed and ego on a path to self destruction. Or we could do like  many great civilizations before us reform our ways. 
  We are all wrapped up in the political game's drama, first off fuck the political parties, second lets start holding not only our leaders but each other responsible for our actions. Then we need to start working together not against each other, the problems that face our country are not just poor people or rich people problems they aren't just whites, blacks , or mexican problems they are all of our problems you, me, them, everybody's problems. My fellow Americans we need to realize that we will never be able to have everything exactly like we want it the world isn't one giant burger king for you to get it your way everytime. The real world not only requires compromise but hard work to get what you want out of it.
    That is what we are missing in this country hard work and determination to earn what you want instead of having it handed to you. This is why we are in the dark place that is trying very hard to consume the country I love so much. So many people around us, and we all see them hell at times we are them wanting something for nothing. When did the American dream go from the land of opportunity to the land of we will give you whatever you want just cause you want it.
      So AMERICA WAKE THE FUCK UP we need to stop bitching and taking the handouts and start working not only together but, hard rebuilding our country to the greatness it was and is destined to be. Because I don't know about you but, me I am tired of everyone talking and not doing a god damn thing.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Jim wisdom #9: Every once in awhile

Every once in awhile a stupid person will surprise you with their stupidity. For example if you have the intent to call into work (to play hookie) it is probably not a good idea to inform your supervisor the day before that you intend to do this. Once again a stupid person surprised me, will the amazing feats ever stop.
Nor is it a good idea to sit at your boss's desk and put your feet up on it while you handle personal business on the company phone and on the clock and not expect someone to snitch on your dumbass. This preson was stupid enough to piss down the back of the one person supported him when all others were screaming for his head and tell them that it was rain.
Seriously do they breed stupid in your family or did you have to work hard to reach the level you are at. In one surprisingly dumb move you not only showed how stupid you are but how blind you are to how easy you had it. So enjoy going back beneath whatever prehistoric bible thumping dumbassville rock you came from and leave the real work to the grownups. One less stupid person in each of our lives one down 50 billion more to go. We will stop the stupids.