Monday, January 24, 2011

jim Wisdom #10: WAKE the FUCK up AMERICA!!!!!!!!

    Who the hell said being an American meant you could be lazy, stupid, and ignorant to everything. We are on the brink of a very important time in our history a turning point if you will. On oneside we could fall into our own self absorbed greed and ego on a path to self destruction. Or we could do like  many great civilizations before us reform our ways. 
  We are all wrapped up in the political game's drama, first off fuck the political parties, second lets start holding not only our leaders but each other responsible for our actions. Then we need to start working together not against each other, the problems that face our country are not just poor people or rich people problems they aren't just whites, blacks , or mexican problems they are all of our problems you, me, them, everybody's problems. My fellow Americans we need to realize that we will never be able to have everything exactly like we want it the world isn't one giant burger king for you to get it your way everytime. The real world not only requires compromise but hard work to get what you want out of it.
    That is what we are missing in this country hard work and determination to earn what you want instead of having it handed to you. This is why we are in the dark place that is trying very hard to consume the country I love so much. So many people around us, and we all see them hell at times we are them wanting something for nothing. When did the American dream go from the land of opportunity to the land of we will give you whatever you want just cause you want it.
      So AMERICA WAKE THE FUCK UP we need to stop bitching and taking the handouts and start working not only together but, hard rebuilding our country to the greatness it was and is destined to be. Because I don't know about you but, me I am tired of everyone talking and not doing a god damn thing.

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