Monday, December 13, 2010

Jim wisdom #9: Every once in awhile

Every once in awhile a stupid person will surprise you with their stupidity. For example if you have the intent to call into work (to play hookie) it is probably not a good idea to inform your supervisor the day before that you intend to do this. Once again a stupid person surprised me, will the amazing feats ever stop.
Nor is it a good idea to sit at your boss's desk and put your feet up on it while you handle personal business on the company phone and on the clock and not expect someone to snitch on your dumbass. This preson was stupid enough to piss down the back of the one person supported him when all others were screaming for his head and tell them that it was rain.
Seriously do they breed stupid in your family or did you have to work hard to reach the level you are at. In one surprisingly dumb move you not only showed how stupid you are but how blind you are to how easy you had it. So enjoy going back beneath whatever prehistoric bible thumping dumbassville rock you came from and leave the real work to the grownups. One less stupid person in each of our lives one down 50 billion more to go. We will stop the stupids.

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