Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jim wisdom: #8 The TSA rubbed the wrong guy

 So my friend Chew posted an article on Facebook today about a guy in San Francisco. Who is or atleast at the time of the article being held in jail for accidently ejaculating on a TSA employee at the airport. The article recounted the details as told to them by witnesses. The TSA employee or as I would like to call them from now on mister happy hands spent a little too much time inspecting the victim's genital area which had several piercings the victim who the article states suffers from ejaculation problems accidently jizzed in his pants. Immediately mr happy now sticky hands called for back up and the man was taken to the ground and arrested. As someone who has been through a normal booking process and know how long that takes I feel bad for the victim who had to sit through that process in his freshly jizzed whitey tighties.
      After reading the article I got to thinking fuck I thought it was terrorist blowing the plane up or it crashing the scariest things about flying. No more my friends now the greatest fear of flying isn't what could happen up in the air but, what might happen when you walk through security. The day will come when  these mr happy hands will get theirs. Picture it if you will, mr happy hands starts doing one of these physical inspections on the wrong person and that person lays a slobber knocking down on mr happy hands. So if you are a TSA employee or know one inform them to watch who's junk they rub on cause it might get them intoduced to the five knuckle shuffle.

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  1. Thank god I don't fly, this gives me another reason NOT to.