Friday, March 25, 2011

Jim Wisdom #12 Nosey Neighbor

So I was watching the news the other day with my girlfriend's father and there was this analyst on tv talking about our current military actions in Lybia with the UN. And he was spouting of all the military lingo for "We are bombing the shit out of that mother fucker". It amazed me that it took this guy 10 minutes of babbling to basicly say we were bombing the shit out of  a punk ass dictator. I have to tell you I do get a little patriotic feeling when I hear that our brave troops are getting the opportunity to blow shit up in the name of revolution. Then of course the thought enters my head once we are done helping over throw the current regime, then our government will really do the damage by most likely instilling a government that will eventually despise and hate us for destroying their culture and way of life. Have you ever noticed that we go into a country with the intent on liberating them from whatever leader they may have and end up spending a decade trying to turn it into a twisted version of the United States. Why? Is it because we can't resist the idea of trying to take over it all we took over an entire continent and that wasn't enough so we do the samething as many of our citizens ancestorial homelands did. We try to build an empire under the mask of democracy and spreading it's wonderful greatness that is as dangerous as a double edged sword. We are the nosey neighbor that comes over to help you do something just so we can borrow your stuff and never give it back.