Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jim wisdom #13 Don't be a pussy

If you don't like the way someone talks to you the last thing you should do is go crying like a little girl who had her lollipop taken away. Stand your ground and say hey fuck face show me some decency after all I am a person too. See if you want to earn a person's respect running and crying like a little girl to your boss because your feelings were hurt does nothing for you but, show how much of a little spoiled bitch you might be. People work too damn hard to worry about if the way they look at you makes you want to cry. The last time I checked we were all grown ups in a grown up world where guess what things aren't always flowers and rainbows. Sometimes people talk to you harshly and sometimes they look at you in a way you don't care for. That is life the sooner you learn that simple fact the better off you will be. So many people think that we should all talk to each other like those tree hugging hippies. Sorry this ain't a hippie commune it is work, people aren't nice things are tough. So the next time someone looks at you funny don't go crying to your supervisor go over in the corner take of your training diaper and put on your big boy pants and man up cause whinning little pansies never get respect they only get ridiculed cause they show that all they know how to handle a situation is to cry about it.  Anyone ever tells you that smothering a person with kindness will win you their respect has just lied to you cause all that does is make people think you are a giant ass kisser. Standing up for yourself and acting like a grown up is how you earn a grown ups respect.
     That is the problem with so many of the people in America today they would rather cry and mope around then stand up a deal with shit. That is why we have problems like we have in this country is cause everyone wants to blame everyone else and just cry about the problems instead of doing something about it. So America don't be a bunch of pussies man up put on your big boy pants lace up your boots and deal with the shit. If you can't do that then take your ass and crawl into a hole and stay there cause if you don't the world will chew you up and spit you out. Said it before and will say it again life is tough buy a helmet and get the fuck over it.