Monday, September 26, 2011

Jim Wisdom #14: What the Fuck

Took a test at work as part of my application process for a promotion available at my work. And scored worst this time than I did 8 months ago when I took it the first time and my boss was happy about it. He told me he would rather having a person that scored around where I did the second time than someone who scored what I did the first time. For the reasons not only is the person being honest they are also answering the questions with some logic not just trying to beat the test. Now on to stage 3 interview with another store's manager. The whole thing drives me nuts what happened to getting promotions and raises based on your performance and skill. Not by what some computer tells or how successful you are in an interview. A person's employment record with the company should be all it takes to determine if a person should or should not receive promotion.     
    I just don't get obviously you are a half way decent employee to still be employed there and to at least have your name in the running. But, I guess with today's economic situation company's feel that it is needed to insure they are investing company resources into a person worthy of the investment. I don't know it seems to be a logical and rational understanding of Corporate America's mind set these days but, then again I don't belong to Corporate America in the same way the guy in an office in Florida does. So,  it makes no sense to me why there has to be so much mother fucking red tape and politics to work.  Why can't it be we all show up we all do our jobs and nobody rips the company off, worked for my parents and their parents and so on back. Why now do I have to alter my opinions of policies and programs put into effect that are not based on any form of functional use. All in the spirit of playing the political game. Things do not get made better and given the ability to run smooth and by smooth I mean with economic growth and minor if no loss without some logical functionality.