Friday, January 28, 2011

Jim wisdom #11 Sue taco Bell and go to Taco Hell

    I just read an article online that told me excactly how easy and quickly some people in this country are to sue someone or a company with no real justifiable case. The case I speak of is the law firm that has taken it upon themselves to sue a staple from my late teens and majority of my 20s the one and only Taco Bell. Claiming that Taco Bells doesn't serve real ground beef now I am sure we all are aware that Taco Bell does serve real beef it is just an ass hair above the you can't serve this line but, none the less it is still real for the most part. the article never really says who is behind the lawsuit but, it does state the lawsuit wants Taco Bell to stop calling it beef and to pay the legal fees of the law firm handling the paperwork. And what were these junior college law grads thinking why would you take a case like this that even Perry Mason or Ben Matlock couldn't win.
    What I love about this is Taco Bell's response they remained fairly quiet for a period about the whole topic. And then today when the suit was actually filed they took out a full page ad thanking the law firm for filing the law suit, launched internet videos stating their facts featuring their president. I love it Taco Bell admits that their product is only 88% beef and 12% oats, spices, water and of course preservatives. Which i am to understand does meet the government's standards. All of this info it seems Taco Bell is going to use in an effort to not only win this case but, show how ridiculous the whole thing is. Taco bell is awesome because they are openly telling the plantiff in this case to go fuck themselves and choke on a chalupa withou even breaking a sweat.
     The plantiff is the one who really has their work cut out for them they have to prove that a large enough portion of Taco Bell's customers didn't know what they were eating. Seriously if you eat at Taco Bell and don't know that you are eating low grade barely passing grade beef you my firend are a retarded turkey burger eater. Anyone who has ever eaten there knows that it isn't Brazillian steak it is just the scraps ground up. But, it is inexpensive not any less healthier for you than McDonald's for example its fast food you get cheap low grade food fast end of story don't like it don't go their to eat. Don't be a whinny little girlie bitch who sues thinking that your speculations out weigh the facts. Guess what they don't so go back to your tofu eating,tree hugging, hippie commune and try to figure out another way to make you and special ed famous.

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