Friday, October 21, 2011

Jim Wisdom #15 Co Workers

     I am exhausted and tired of the stupidity of people whom I must interact with on a daily basis as if they are the only ones with problems the only one who's got it rough, as if they are the only one who knows how customers should be treated, let me tell you something you scrawny little punk .... first buy a comb and come your damn hair you look like you slept in your car. Second, lay off the hooch your eyes are blood shot and so freaking puffy that the look like Tyson went five rounds on your face without leaving a bruise. Third, don't get loud with someone who is trying to help you be more efficient at your job regardless of how meaningless and lame it may seem. Forth, Before you spout off to someone you might want to make sure that you know who the person is you are going to yip at like some kind of little foo foo fur ball runt. So remember the next time someone who has been doing the job you are doing for much longer, is much more knowledgeable of how things are done and what is expected, you listen. Because the next time they might just let you drown.

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