Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jim's wisdom #3: Proper Attire for Public Outtings

I am all for being comfortable dressed with a flair of your own individualism. Show some class, show some self respect. If a garmet is an ethinic piece of attire leave it for that ethnicity to wear. Don't you wear it cause you think it makes you look cool or gangsta. Cause in reality it makes you look like a nerdy assclown. Also when going out in public look in the mirror before going you would be surprised by the world of good it would do for you.
  Next, lets discuss spandex. It is for the skinny and physically fit, not for fat asses who the only exercise they get is from lifting the king sized candy bar versus the regular sized. I am not wanting it to sound like I am bashing on plus sized people cause I am not. I am just pointing out that spandex doesn't belong on the 400lb lard ass standing in front of me a taco bell. As a fat guy I would never think of wearing spandex and trust me many people are thankful for that. So, the next time you are in public and you think people are staring at you they probably are if you are wearing spandex or dressed like something straight out of a Master P video and you are caucasian and or fat.

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