Sunday, November 7, 2010

Jim wisdom #6: Fuck Censorship

What the fuck gives you the right to decide what words I can and can't hear and what parts of a human body I am allowed to see and which ones I am not allowed to see on tv. After all we all either have them or have seen them up close. Don't sit there and tell me its because you are worried about your kids hearing or seeing it. Cause I am sure they hear worst things coming from your bedroom when you think they are asleep. You sit there preaching about the evils of profanity and sexuality but, it is okay to see acts of violence on tv so horrible that even killers don't want to watch is okay. Cause it isn't thought of as wrong as long as the good guy wins. But, what are you to do if the good guy likes to call the bad guy a cum guzzling donkey fucker and go to a strip joint to watch boobies flop around you put black bars up to cover the boobies and bleep the cum and fucker and it sounds like you bleep guzzling donkey bleep the humor is all gone that way. Am I completely crazy we broadcast our military invading countries and killing and blowing shit up but, we still can't see a completly nude body or say numerous other things because the government feels it is inappropriate for the american people to hear well I say FUCK YOU, you chicken humper! Richard Pryor was right it isn't the words that are wrong but the people's thoughts upon hearing them. So that means America's dirtiest minds are running the FCC. I will not allow them to force their ideals upon me and nor should you.  

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